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News, press, tips and more can be found in the Sea Tow Blog. Have a suggestion for a story? Email us!

Sea Tow Blog

News, press, tips and more can be found in the Sea Tow Blog. Have a suggestion for a story? Email us!

New Year’s Boating Resolutions? Share them!

New Year’s Boating Resolutions? Share them!

At Sea Tow we strive to make boating fun and safe for everyone the experienced and the novice. This year, we would like to share your boating resolutions with others. Send us your top resolutions and we’ll share them….

Here are some of our resolutions:

Top 5 Boater’s Resolutions for a Great Boating Season



It’s time to start doing more of what you love in 2017, like spending more time on the water with family and friends with no worries. Most resolutions relate to changing bad habits or negative aspects of our lives. However, our resolutions have a common theme: boating! Here are a few that will make your boating more rewarding for everyone aboard in 2017:

1.  Become a better boater. There is always an opportunity for skippers to have a better and safer boating experience. Boaters should always remember their safety procedures, keep the boat clean and organized, be aware of their surroundings on the water, and inventory their safety gear and ensure it’s in good condition.

2.  Keep your boat off the other end of our tow lines. Who wants to start the year off getting towed? No one! Before you head out on the water, be sure to have your boat looked over by a professional mechanic and charge your battery. Also, try to avoid fuel-related issues: change out fuel filters, inspect fuel lines, and don’t trust your fuel gage.

3.  Invite your friends and family aboard. This boating season will be the perfect time to spend quality time with your friends and family. It's an excellent way to reduce stress, create memories, and have fun.

4.  All aboard wear life jackets. It’s a simple way to save lives. Skippers should protect his/her friends and family by making sure everyone aboard is wearing life jackets. If one of your crew members is in need of a life jacket, you can visit one of Sea Tow’s Life Jacket Loaner Stands . These locations are stocked with life jackets in a variety of sizes available for boaters to borrow free of charge for a day out on the water.

5.  Assign a designated skipper. What’s a day on the water without a few drinks? This is okay as long as there is a designated sober skipper aboard. This individual must be responsible for the vessel and all passengers and cannot drink any alcohol. Take the pledge today for your family, friends, passengers, and everyone else on the water.



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