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News, press, tips and more can be found in the Sea Tow Blog. Have a suggestion for a story? Email us!

Sea Tow Blog

News, press, tips and more can be found in the Sea Tow Blog. Have a suggestion for a story? Email us!

Spring Checklist: Ensure Your Boat is Shipshape

Whether you haven’t missed a weekend of boating in 2017, or if the Spring season is the first indication that boating season is near, Sea Tow recommends preparing your boat well ahead of launch to avoid unexpected issues for the season ahead.

By working through this spring checklist, boaters can plan for brighter days of boating ahead:

  • Spring cleaning your boat will not only make it look like it did the first day you bought it, but will also prevent problems that could keep you off the water. It’s important to inspect your boat for mud, algae and aquatic life that could be attached to the surfaces.
  • Give your lifejackets a thorough inspection. Boaters should check their lifejackets for rips, tears and holes as well as ensure that all seams, straps and hardware are durable. Most importantly, you should replace your lifejackets if they look worn or if the material is fading. A weathered lifejacket could result in loss of flotation material. 
  • Assess the safety equipment aboard. It’s important to check that all signaling equipment is sufficient, such as flares, navigation lights and the boat horn. You should replace all the batteries in your flashlights and keep a few extra batteries on board. To ensure extra precaution, make sure there is a working fire extinguisher aboard your boat. Most importantly, reexamine all the flotation devices before you weigh anchor.
  • Fill up the boat cooler! An ice-cold drink is essential on warm boating days, so it’s important to keep your cooler filled with non-alcoholic refreshments for all ages. Dehydration is very common out on the water during the summer months. It is crucial to have plenty of water on board to keep everyone hydrated and healthy.
  • Make boating fun for the kids. There are several ways to keep your children occupied and happy aboard, such as tubing, fishing, music and games! Each of these fun activities are a great way to break up the day and keep things interesting. And print out this checklist for your First Mate to get them involved from the start!

While this list covers only a few essentials, you can find more information and advice for keeping your boat in shipshape on our website: Each of these tips will ensure a carefree boating season and make your future boating preparation more manageable.

Now, think warm thoughts and get the new boating season off to a great start!


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