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News, press, tips and more can be found in the Sea Tow Blog. Have a suggestion for a story? Email us!

Sea Tow Blog

News, press, tips and more can be found in the Sea Tow Blog. Have a suggestion for a story? Email us!

The Value of Sea Tow


Just what is it that makes a Sea Tow Membership so valuable? It’s a fair question.

Many Sea Tow Members point to the feeling of security they get simply from knowing Sea Tow has their back on the water, 24/7/365. Have a boating problem? You call Sea Tow. It’s hard to overestimate the importance of such reassurance for those who love the boating lifestyle.

For others, value boils down to dollars and cents. From this view the economic advantages of Sea Tow Membership are clearly a good investment. Consider the cost of on-water assistance if you are not a member of Sea Tow. Depending where you are in the county, hourly rates range from $250 to $500 per hour from the time the Sea Tow boat leaves its dock until it returns to its dock, which accounts for all the time the Sea Tow vessel is underway responding to your call for assistance. The further you break down from port, the more expensive the tow. For Sea Tow Members, all that time is free and and that can really add up to significant savings. Last year, Sea Tow members saved over $20 million dollars in towing costs alone.

But the value of a Sea Tow Membership runs even deeper than that. With Sea Tow, there’s no boat towing distance or dollar limits in your home area, local captains are always standing by ready to help and share their knowledge of local waters, and members always receive priority service. Further, the goal of every Sea Tow Captain is to get members up and running again if possible, rather than simply hooking up your boat and towing it home. If there’s a way to get you behind the helm and on your way, Sea Tow will strive to make it happen.

As a Sea Tow Member, you’ll also receive plenty of added value beyond the end of a tow line including fuel deliveries, jump starts, nationwide coverage, covered ungroundings and more, all included with membership. Add in the Sea Tow Savings Club™, through which members are eligible for discounts and special offers at local marinas, fuel docks, repair facilities, hotels and tackle shops, as well as car rental services and worldwide businesses discounts, and it’s easy to see how all these savings can add up to a significant chunk of change over the course of a boating season. You can even save 10% off your hull and liability insurance through Sea Insure®.

So then, what is it that makes a Sea Tow Membership such a value? It’s all the above, of course, plus the knowledge that your membership dollars stay local, in your own community, to keep your Sea Tow Captains and crews ready to assist when you make the call.

Rest assured that on-water assistance is never more than a quick call away. Join for peace of mind, the economic rewards or both. Any way you do the math, a Sea Tow Membership is a plus on the balance sheet.

Written By, Tom Schlichter
Tom Schlichter is a full-time outdoors writer, editor and marketeer living on Long Island, NY. Follow him on Facebook at @outdoortomcorp or visit his website at


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